A Book: Your Passport to the Media

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promote a book - passport to the media

A Book: Your Passport to the Media

Why a book can help propel your business

America (the whole world for that matter) is fascinated by books. You take the Harry Potter series as an example. People could not put them down nor wait for the next one. It inspired children and adults, and spawned the most successful movie franchise and first author billionaire, ever.

Of course you also have others like James Patterson, Suze Orman, Janet Evanovich, Tom Clancy (may he rest in peace), and the list goes on and on. There is something about an author that commands respect and some may even say awe; which is why when a CEO or professional writes and promotes a book, they join a class that opens doors—even to the media.

You may be thinking, “I already have media. I advertise on radio and TV.” While that is a form of media, when I use the term media, I am referring to the news and talk shows. Advertising is not media.

Use yourself as an example. You’re sitting in front of your TV watching the news or listening to your favorite talk radio show. A commercial comes on and you start to talk to your family, go to the kitchen, etc. The show comes back on and your attention is rapt, listening to the host and most often agreeing with him or her. He or she introduces a guest, who is referred to as an expert on the subject matter and the author of (fill in the blank). In what light do you see this guest now? If you’re like most, you see him or her as credible and you probably have a bit of trust created. This was all made possible because he or she had the gumption to promote a book as a marketing vehicle.

Let’s take this one step further. If you needed the services or expertise that this person offers, would you consider contacting him or her, or their company, or going to their web site for a little research? Or would you rather have someone who did not promote a book; they just say they are good at what they do? Given the choice between the two, most people would want to speak to the author.

All of this started with a book. Well, it really started with their passion, experience and expertise; but when it was packaged into a book, to the public it became more real and credible, and to the media it became a passport.

Since the media doesn’t exist to help anyone sell anything (unless it’s through their advertising departments) getting a company or product covered on the news is very difficult. However, since they DO exist to provide entertaining and informative content to their readers, listeners and viewers, if there is a news item where your expertise can contribute to the story, it makes it easier to open that door and get your company and web site known. A book does this, because when you promote a book, you enter into a special class of individual, who has shown they are willing to do what most will not.

Since exposure is crucial for a company to grow, and credibility and trust are must haves for sales to occur, your book provided all this through the third party endorsements of hosts and producers you received by appearing on TV or radio, or being quoted in the newspaper or magazine. While it may not be an actual endorsement, to the public, having you on their show means they approve and trust you; hence it’s an implied endorsement – and perception is reality.

When the audience of that show or the reader of the article is in the position you were before (the consumer of the news) they will see you and your company in a different light. You will become more credible and known, and you will have earned a modicum of trust that will grow the longer your PR campaign lasts.

So whether you write a chapter a week, dictate it to your secretary or hire a ghost writer, write a book and then promote a book, and you will see how having a passport to the media will help propel your company to new heights.

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