Promote A Book By Doing Things Right Instead of By Doing the Right Things

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Doing things right

Promote A Book By Doing Things Right Instead of By Doing the Right Things

How to Avoid Being Busy But Getting Nowhere with Your Efforts To Promote A Book

When it comes to the business of trying to promote a book, or even a marriage, there are things that you should do to have success and things, that while are good, that are not a priority. You can get so focused on your efforts to promote a book that it is easy to get those priorities mixed up. What it boils down to if you are going to be successful in your activities to promote a book is it is imperative that you are doing the right things versus doing things right.

Let’s take it out of the realm of your efforts to promote a book and for an example, let’s say that you started a new sales job. You’re supposed to create a list of prospects and make a certain amount of calls during the day, because it’s a numbers game. So you sit down at your desk, you reach for the handset on your phone and you look at your desk and think, “What a mess! I can’t work like this.” So you proceed to clean and organize your desk.

Now you’re happy. You reach for the phone and you look down at your legal pad, and notice that it’s halfway used with old scribbles and torn off sheets. You think to yourself, “Oh, this won’t do. I need a fresh legal pad so that I don’t get confused with previous notes.” So you proceed to go to the supply closet to get yourself a new legal pad.

Okay, now you’re ready! You reach for the phone and notice that your pencil is not sharp. You think to yourself, “That’s not good. I need to sharpen ALL my pencils, so that I don’t have to stop when I start making calls.” So you proceed to sharpen all of your pencils.

You reach for the phone and you think, “When I start talking, my mouth and throat will get dry. I’d better get a nice hot cup of coffee so as to wet and warm my throat.” You proceed to the kitchen and run into your cohort, who starts to talk about last night’s hockey game and how the Lightning swept Washington in the playoffs. You talk for about 30 minutes. When you get back to your desk, you reach for the phone and notice that lunch is 10 minutes away. You think to yourself, “There’s no way I can do anything productive in 10 minutes. I guess I’ll go to lunch and continue when I return. BOY, WHAT A BUSY MORNING!”

You’ve been doing figure 8’s, doing what you thought were the “right things” to do. After all, a clean and organized desk, sharpened pencils and a fresh legal pad are great things, but they got you no results. Had you been doing things right, you’d have been dialing the telephone and talking with prospects, trying to make a sale.

When it comes to your efforts to promote a book the same concept applies. Often, authors do the right things, but they don’t do things right. In other words, they do the things that will get little to no results when you promote a book; wasting resources and time that could have been used for doing things right—like hiring a book publicist.

For example, a book signing is a right thing to do to promote a book; eventually. Since it is a tactic that has been used by many authors for decades and can be relatively inexpensive, authors will gravitate to it. In their mind, they think, “Book signings are good and will cost me little, so I will start with book signings in my efforts to promote a book.”

The problem is they don’t get you the exposure you want when you need to promote a book on a grand scale; it only serves a small portion of a local market. Plus, if you are a relatively new author, if this were done first, the only people that would show would be family and friends.

Another promote a book tactic is that of book reading. The same dynamics of the book signing apply here with a book reading. Now a book reading and signing are not inherently a bad way to promote a book, but they will not get you the results you need. So if that were the case, why would you waste time, money and effort for something that will only suck up resources that could have been used to promote a book to get you better results?

If you want to get known, create awareness of your book and gain credibility with your public as you promote a book, a PR campaign consisting of talk radio interviews and editorial print is what you need. The PR campaign will bring you national, regional and local exposure, credibility, trust and respect and will successfully promote a book to the masses. These are all things that are needed before anyone would be interested in a book by an author they’ve never heard of before. This is doing things right!

I’m sure you’ve all either heard or seen the analogy done with a jar, big rocks, pebbles, gravel and sand. For those who have not, it goes like this. If I were to put the sand in first (the most minor of things), then the gravel, then the pebbles, there is no room for the big rocks. However, if I put the big rocks (the most important things) in first, I can then put in the pebbles (the next most important) and they will fall in between the rocks. I would follow with the gravel (some of the minors) and finish with the sand (the least important). In the right order, it all fit perfectly; in the wrong order, the majors never made it.

In other words, when you promote a book if your priorities are skewed, you will have exhausted your resources and energy, and may never make it to the major things (PR), because the money was spent on the wrong priorities and you’re burned out.

So take the time to really think your efforts to promote a book through. Prioritize and make sure that you do things right. Stop doing figure 8’s, wasting time, energy and money, and get the success you want and really succeed with your efforts to promote a book. Stop sabotaging yourself and then wondering, “What happened?” You put thought and prioritized well in order to write your book. Take the same attention approach in your efforts to promote a book that you have written and you may be the next bestseller.

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