Promote a Book – Planning Your Book Promotion Should Be More Meticulous Than Your Book

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Planning Book Promotion

Promote a Book – Planning Your Book Promotion Should Be More Meticulous Than Your Book

When people want to promote a book, most creative people plan their work with the highest of detail, but seem to throw a promotion program together rapidly and without much thought. Is it a wonder that most authors when trying to promote a book never get their book known?

I have to admit that until I became a marketer and PR professional actually in the business to promote a book for authors, I was one of those creative’s who did not understand the value of a solid, well-planned marketing and promotion plan. Since my mind was not on the business of how to promote a book, but rather on creating, I figured that any work that is good will eventually find an audience through word of mouth.

Many creative people, like authors, have the same mentality when they try to promote a book that they have written. They view promotion and marketing as a necessary evil that cannot be trusted; hence they fear reaching out to learn what their options are, since all marketers and PR professionals are thieves and liars in their opinion. If you’re reading this, you are probably agreeing with me right now.

So what they tend to do is look for the inexpensive to free, quick solution to promote a book that will promise a high return—like online promotion programs, doing social media marketing for themselves, doing book readings whenever possible—and when it doesn’t work, they move on to the next inexpensive to free option because they are desperate to promote a book that they have written. Does this sound like you? It definitely was me.

What I learned was that ALL the inexpensive options I tried to promote a book, for fear of speaking to a professional book publicist that I thought would be too expensive, cost me a small fortune. That money would have paid for an entire PR campaign that would have gotten results. Like it’s been said, “Advertising is expensive if not done properly; it’s free if done correctly.” This is especially true when you need to promote a book beause it pays for itself in the return of exposure, credibility, sales, and trust engendered.

When you decided to write your book, you probably counted the cost for design, editing, binding and publishing; but you didn’t count the most important cost; the cost to promote a book. Without the promotion, writing the book will just be a personal satisfaction, but it will find little to no audience.

Well if you are one of these poor souls trying to promote a book, take heart; it’s not too late to start. First and foremost, avoid all the cheap stuff that everyone else is trying in his or her efforts to promote a book. After all, if it worked, there would be many more bestsellers today. Second, do some research and find several good book publicists you can compare that truly know how to effectively promote a book. Find out how long they’ve been in business, what do they specialize in, who have been their clients, ask for testimonials from their clients and what method do they use. When I say method, I’m talking about how they charge to promote a book and whether they are a retainer-based or a pay-for-performance agency.

Retainer-based agencies charge you a monthly retainer to promote a book and then bill against it for any service they may provide (phone calls, e-mails, faxes, shipping, strategizing, etc). They guarantee best efforts only; in other words, we will try our best to get you as much exposure as possible. You don’t know what you will receive, until you get it.

A pay-for performance agency charges no retainer to promote a book and typically guarantees a certain amount of interviews and/or editorial coverage. In other words, if you want 15 radio interviews in top 100 markets, you get 15 radio interviews in the top 100 markets and it’s the only thing you pay for. If you don’t get it, then there is no charge.

Finally, once you’ve found the agency you feel comfortable will really do a good job to promote a book that you have written, sit down and create a promotion plan that will get you and your message out to the public.

So if you’re in the process of writing your book, or starting on your second edition, make sure you count the cost to promote a book as well. Research and have your game plan ready so that when your book is published, the demand has already been created and your efforts to promote a book will be firmly in place.

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