Promote A Book: Radio is Still the Best Promotion Tool Available

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Radio is Still the Best Promotion Tool Available

Promote A Book: Radio is Still the Best Promotion Tool Available

Why the Internet is Not Killing Radio When You Want To Promote a Book, But Making It More Powerful

Communication is the most important component for success in any aspect of life. Think about it. If you do not communicate with your spouse, your marriage is doomed. If you do not communicate with your children, they grow up spoiled. If you don’t communicate in a combat situation, you lose the battle. If you don’t communicate with your consumer, you go out of business. If you do not communicate when you want to promote a book, you will fail.

I’ve been talking about radio a lot over the last few weeks, because it’s the best medium for you to deliver your message to promote a book or any product or service for that matter. For over a hundred years, radio has been the stalwart.

Many claimed when television was invented that radio would die. Yet radio still grew. Then along came the Internet and for sure, this time, this would be the death knell of radio. After all, you go online and listen to so many shows from around the world. While on the surface one may think that hurts radio, but quite frankly it helps. Realize that those shows are RADIO shows on which you can promote a book are being streamed online.

Radio has always been a resourceful industry and has adapted to every change that has come along and extended its reach. When TV started broadcasting shows, radio switched to music. When the quality of stereos got better, FM was created. When AM was going by the wayside, talk radio breathed new life into it which became a perfect avenue to promote a book.

When the Internet was born, it extended its reach to listeners that would’ve never had the chance to hear their broadcast unless they were in their market, by broadcasting online. With the introduction of social media, it further extended this reach; now one could post shows and interviews on their efforts to promote a book so that friends and followers could hear them all over the world. With the introduction of smartphones, the radio came full circle—back to the transistor radio days—with apps like iHeart Radio and TuneIn that allows one to listen to their favorite show anywhere one can take their phone. And, when advertising started to fall from grace, talk radio became the new advertising method through public relations (PR) to promote a book.

You see, radio is not the best venue only because it has extended its reach and provides content for your Web site and Facebook page, but also because advertising no longer wields the power of persuasion it once did. Sure, if you’re an established well-known brand, your advertising will be effective. However, if you’re trying to establish a brand in your efforts to promote a book, it won’t work. Why?

People do not trust advertising and advertisers. Al Ries, world renowned author on marketing, advertising and PR, with over a dozen bestsellers to his credit, notes in his book The Fall of Advertising and Rise of PR, in a survey conducted that people do not trust advertisers. On the scale, they were sandwiched between used car salesmen (who were dead last) and insurance salesmen. This is true whether they are trying to sell cars or to promote a book.

We see this in our very own lives. People DVR or TiVo their shows so as to skip the commercials. We use SPAM filters and pop-up blockers online. We channel surf on the radio. Simply because we don’t want to be bothered by someone telling us what they think we want to hear so that we’ll buy their product.

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Where people DO pay attention and trust what they hear is on their favorite shows. Whether it’s Sean Hannity, Michael Medved, Juan Williams, Alan Colmes or Laura Ingram to name a few, when they interview someone and introduce them as an expert in whatever field of expertise they may be from, what the audience hears is, “I can trust this person and they know what they are talking about.” In the process, they come to know you or your spokesperson, your company, in your efforts to promote a book or product, and you earn credibility, trust and respect in their ears. This implied third-party endorsement goes a very long way.

So whether it’s a book, a company, product or movement, if you want to reach the masses with your message and have them listen intently, talk radio is the way to go. If you are trying to promote a book it is probably the number one way to go.


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