Promote A Book: The Tomb of the Unknown Author

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The Unknown Author

Promote A Book: The Tomb of the Unknown Author

If you go by Arlington National Cemetery, our nation’s most hallowed ground, you will see the monument of The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This is a tribute to those who fought for our freedom and died, but were not identified or were missing in action, never to be found. So what does this have to do with your efforts to promote a book?

Well, I sometimes think that in front of the Library of Congress there should be a tomb for the unknown author who never had anyone let them know how important it is to promote a book. There should be a tribute to all the literary warriors who fight with the power of the written word, to change thought which decides action.

In the movie, 2012, author Jackson Curtis wrote a book that was full of deep wisdom. The problem was that no one knew who he was and he sold few books. It took the end of the world for his book to become popular, since the scientist that helps save the world read it and was a fan. Certainly, after the end of the world, who is around to promote a book to?

Is this you? Are you the one with the great book screaming to be read, but no one knows about you or what your message is? Are you failing to promote a book that really needs to be read?

When one considers that according to the report by Somersau, State of the Publishing World Now (2010 Statistics), that approximately 350,000 books are published annually and over one million are actually written; there are many unknown authors. So how does one make sure he or she does not wind up a statistic? The answer: a book publicist who knows how to properly promote a book.

With that many books being written and so many authors vying for the media’s attention, book signing opportunities and flooding the social media landscape in the hopes of getting exposure, if one does not have the proper channels opened to promote a book that they have written, it will be almost impossible.

So how do you get the media’s attention in your attempt to promote a book? Let me ask you a question. If you wanted to get into a building that was locked, would you prefer to try and climb through an open window or would it be easier to just find the person who has the key? The book publicist has the key to the promote a book door. That is why a good book publicist is important. You see, a good book publicist knows proper public relations (PR) and will break through the media hedge that keeps most out.

When you understand that the news media does not exist to help you sell books and that their sole purpose is to deliver content for their reading, viewing and listening public, you can see why it’s not easy to break through in your efforts to promote a book. Most authors will write a press release and fax, email and mail it to every organization they can. The press release usually reads something like, “… I wrote this book because … my idea was … I believe it will help … I, I, I, I…” So if you were lucky to actually get someone to look at it, it would be discarded pretty quickly.

Since a book publicist knows this, he or she will never position your efforts to promote a book in that way. The book publicist will write a pitch (not a press release) that will satisfy the media’s need for content for the news of the day. They will show how you, as an expert, have a solution for their story and why their audience would benefit from hearing what you have to add. In the process, you get the credibility, respect and trust that only comes from third party verification, by whomever is the audience’s favorite host. The host then is the one to promote a book for you; not you touting your own book.

The end result is not only will your efforts to promote a book get exposure, but more importantly, YOU will become a known entity with credibility that will open many doors. And, if you’ll notice, that many known authors comment on the news in radio talk shows, TV news shows and are quoted in print. Do you think that this happens just because the person is known? While for some that may be true, but most are using PR just like you.

So if you want what they have, you have to do what they did… and still do. Get yourself a book publicists and get the exposure that you need to properly promote a book and your book deserves. After all, you don’t want to wind up just another writer whose memory is kept by the tomb of the unknown author — do you?

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