Promote a Book: Why Should I Have To Learn How To Promote A Book?

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Learn to promote a book

Promote a Book: Why Should I Have To Learn How To Promote A Book?

“…To Thine Own Self Be True.” William Shakespeare (or was it Francis Bacon?)

Being an author is a business. While the artistic passion often tries to conquer the capitalistic vision, make no mistake that if you do not learn how to promote a book and your books are not sold… well, starving artist comes to mind. While that may sound romantic, in some sort of Machiavellian way, it definitely does not lend itself to fulfilling your dream of having people get your message and recognize your talent (not to mention becoming rich as you learn how to promote a book for books sales and the resultant money that comes).

So while as an author, the passion of the message can often make one assume that if he or she writes it, people will automatically want to read it; after all, it’s an amazing message that will (fill in the blank); the harsh reality is that to the masses, you don’t exist if you do not make efforts to learn how to promote a book. So if that’s the case, being honest with yourself, you need to ask, “Why should anyone buy my book?”

If the book is well written and has a unique message, it’s a great start. However, how does the public KNOW that your book offers this unique message that will add value to them for reading it if you do not strive to learn how to promote a book that you have written? More importantly, and this is a hard one to swallow sometimes, “What makes me qualified and special to be the one that SHOULD deliver this message?”

It’s easy to just say, “Because I wrote the book!” But is it really enough; why should I have to learn how to promote a book as well? I mean, let’s say that you fell in love—at first sight—with the most beautiful girl in the world. You are convinced that she should be your wife. However, she doesn’t know you exist. If she did, she doesn’t know YOU. “What makes you SO special that I should dedicate the rest of my life just to you?” she might think. You say, “Because I love you!” You get my message?

You have to woo her, have her see your special qualities, get her to trust you, show her the value you bring to her life, and then—maybe—she might fall in love back! This takes time, effort, planning, and it can’t be you telling her how special YOU are. After all, no one likes anyone who pats themselves on the back. No my friend! You need to show her that you are special, but have OTHERS say, “That’s a special guy (or girl in the reverse context)!” So you enlist all the friends you two have in common and you start your personal PR campaign for the heart and mind of the one you love. The same thing is true when you write a book; you need to learn how to promote a book as well to “clinch”

Guess what? The same applies to your efforts to learn how to promote a book in your endeavor of wooing the public into wanting to buy your book. How to woo the public is the structure you apply to your promotion or marketing plan to learn how to promote a book, or for that matters to learn how to promote any product or services.

So ask yourself, “What makes me special?” The answer to this question will reveal your expertise. “What value do I bring to the relationship?” The answer to this question will show you how you fit into the media in your attempts to learn how to promote a book. “What friends can I make that will help me show the world that I am the qualified special person for this message?” The answer to this question is simply “the media.”

Well, now we have a dilemma! Do you know anyone in the media that would be willing to interview you on TV or radio, or write about you in newspapers, magazines and online publications in your crack at trying to learn how to promote a book? If you don’t, how are they going to tell the world that YOU ARE that special person? That’s where a book publicist and public relations comes in; they are specialists and know exactly how to teach you how to promote a book.

A good book publicist will help package your message and deliver it to the media, getting you the TV appearances and talk radio interviews, and the editorial coverage to accomplish how to promote a book that will tell the public, “Hey, pay attention, you need to know this person.” When that happens, that’s your moment to shine and show the value you bring.

You see, after all, when it’s all said and done, YOU are the product. If the public buys YOU, they will most likely buy ANY book you wrote and/or will write. But more importantly is the credibility it will engender. That’s the true value of PR when you learn how to promote a book! Once you have the credibility, not only are your books getting promoted, but other opportunities may arise. Imagine becoming a regular commentator on a radio or TV show. Imagine being asked to contribute to editorial coverage or a blog. The possibilities are endless. But one thing is for certain, if no one knows you, nothing will happen.

So have a personal heart-to-heart with yourself. Ask yourself the tough questions. Figure out the correct answers and then find yourself a good book publicist to assist in your direction in learning how to promote a book and start wooing the hearts of the public. After all, like your efforts to have a good marriage, when you are trying to learn how to promote a book, you can have a fan for a lifetime!

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