Promote A Book With Social Media Is NOT Doing PR: It’s Just One of the Tools

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Social Media is NOT PR

Promote A Book With Social Media Is NOT Doing PR: It’s Just One of the Tools

In this post I want to discuss why a badly managed social media campaign to promote a book will hurt more than help. Most people trying to promote a book immediately think of social media to get the word out, but if not done right it can actually have a negative affect on your efforts to promote a book that you have written.

I once heard it said that the best and worst thing that Microsoft ever created was PowerPoint. Why? There is nothing better than to be able to organize your thoughts and present them in a powerful way. However, the worst thing is that everyone thinks they know how to create a professional presentation that has impact, and there is nothing as bad as having to sit through a terrible presentation.

The same could be said for desktop publishing; everyone thinks because they have the tools that they can do a professional job. And, after the author tries to promote a book that they have written and when the leads don’t come in and the sale is not closed, they wonder why.

Suddenly, a new paradigm has been established that allows one to communicate to the world; social media networking. Since business people are quick to grab on to any way they can promote a book or to market their wares to the public that is cost effective, they rapidly created the industry known as “social media marketing.”

Once again, the same old thinking took over and many people wonder why their social media marketing is not bearing fruit. It’s one thing if you want to personally socialize online and meet people; it’s something totally different if you want to promote a business. Why? Social media was not created for marketing, but rather, for socializing and anyone who forgets that quickly is reminded that people don’t like to be sold.

So if you want to have success with your efforts to promote a book that you have written, there are a few things that you need to know. Let’s take a look at these.

1. Trust is the Key – If there is no trust, there is no relationship: People like to do business with people they like and trust, or with people referred by someone they like and trust. So if you want to build a solid SMM program to promote a book, the first key is that you must build trust, not make sales.

2. It Must Be About Them and Not About You: No one likes someone who is braggadocio; in other words, don’t break your arm patting yourself on your back. If the content that you post to promote a book is all about how great YOU are and how great your book or PRODUCT is, you will lose. You must post content that provides a solution to the needs and wants of the public you are trying to befriend. You need to realize this before you even think about your efforts to promote a book.

Use Your Expertise to Provide Help: Everyone has an expertise; something they are SO good at and knowledgeable about that they could provide solutions to people’s problems. If you’re a botanists, and you want to promote a book that you have written, you can help people save their plants and get a better harvest. If you’re a writer, and you can help someone who struggles with writer’s block you may want to promote a book on “How To Overcome Writer’s Block”. Whatever it is, your content should be from where you shine best so that people will see the value of what you have to offer.

Remember, no matter how excited you are in your attempts to promote a book, if you do not first show your concern, interest and attention to your potential readers, you will fail in your efforts to promote a book. Zig Ziglar says something to the effect: “If you first help others get what they want then you can have what you want”

Zig Ziglar

Cover of Zig Ziglar

I apologize to Mr. Ziglar for my injustice in re-quoting him, but it I could go even a step further and use his concept in a quote, I am sure that if he were telling you the best way to promote a book he would say something like, “If you really want to promote a book that you have written via social media, then you first must show concern and interest in the people that you are Tweeting or blogging to etc, before you can hope to be successful in your efforts to promote a book.”

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