Promote A Book: A Business Card Can’t Speak, But A Book Can

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Promote A Book: A Business Card Can’t Speak, But A Book Can

The new business card, the book

In today’s information world, a business card no longer has the impact it once had. Sure it gives the relevant contact information and a general idea of what you do, but it doesn’t deliver a message. It can’t reveal what you do best that would be the reason they should do business with you. However, a business card can’t speak, but a book can; which is why you should make sure you promote a book.

Ask yourself, “If two people were to come to my office looking for a job and one gave me a business card, the other handed me his or her book, which one would I be most impressed with?” If you answered the one with the book, you’re not alone. Why? Because a book not only shows that you had the discipline and drive to do what most people won’t, it also says you are an expert on the topic you wrote the book on.

Everyone has an expertise, something (whether from a life experience, tenure in your industry, passionate hobby or interest that drove you above and beyond) they can share. If you harness this knowledge and passion, you can become what is known as an expert celebrity. Some known expert celebrities are Dave Ramsey, Rachel Ray, Bob Villa and Julia Childs. The only thing they had in common was a passion for what they did—and a book. More importantly, they knew how to promote a book.

Now when I say write a book, while a fiction book or literary work whose main purpose is to make money on sales is one approach. I am suggesting a book that would be a marketing vehicle for you or your business. You see, your book will serve to tell your story and deliver your message by touching on each point you feel is crucial for the prospect to understand. Why you do what you do? How you do it and what you can do for them? Often times, a business meeting may not be long enough, or have too many distractions to give one the opportunity to deliver their message completely. But, with a book you not only deliver it completely, you are part of a prestigious group that commands respect—authors. And when you promote a book, it will reach further than if you just gave it out in a meeting when necessary. Why? Other people you may never have met will also come to know who you are and what you do, plus when you hand out your book, they will have heard about it and give it more credibility.

So what are you passionate about? What is it that makes you stand out in your industry or life? What is it that people come to you for advice on, or recommend others to you for? The answer to these questions is the topic of your book.

So take the next step. Write that book and position yourself as not only a leader in your industry, but as a thought leader as well. Then take your business to where you want it to go, leaving your mark on every reading table along the way. Promote a book as a marketing vehicle and it will become your new business card.

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