What To Do If You Want to Be ON the News To Promote A Book

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What To Do If You Want to Be ON the News To Promote A Book

What To Do If You Want to Be ON the News To Promote A Book

It’s an amazing thing how many people do not understand the POWER of PR to advertise book, nor how it works. Often I get calls from entrepreneurs, corporations, authors and individuals who believe that if one pays enough money, they can get on any TV or talk radio show they want to promote a book. Well, you may have the money, but money doesn’t buy access to the news to advertise book s.

Ask yourself, “If anyone could buy access to the news, which is supposed to be an unbiased aggregator of information, would one call it news or advertising?” Now, sure, there are some shows that are strictly paid advertising forums and thus an easy to advertise book s, but the listeners of those show know this and they take what they hear with a grain of salt. They know you’re trying to sell them something. Once again, that is not PR; that is advertising to promote a book.

No wonder press releases and requests from many companies, authors, etc, go unheeded by the media, because they do not exist to help you sell anything. They exist to provide valuable information to their public. So if you lead with what seems like all the talking points and sales hot buttons for your company, you won’t get anywhere. So how do you get on the news? You have to know what’s going on IN the news!

Now that may not make a whole lot of sense at first read, but if you understand the dynamics of PR, staying on top of the news is solid gold. How so? Let’s take a look.

PR, or public relations, is about getting your public aware of your message and you, and coming to trust you so that when they need to make a buying decision on whatever you have to offer, hopefully they will choose you as you advertise book s.

Think about it as a book promoter you are trying to promote a book. Have you ever listened to your favorite talk radio show or TV show and heard a guest speak intelligently on matters that were important to you? As a matter of fact, they did such a good job that they made an impression on you. Lets say that their services would actually help you to advertise book s. Even though they could help you as a book promoter, you may or may not have gone out and purchased their product or service right away. You may not have even gone to their website right away. However, because they were presented as an expert by a host you know and trust, you probably noted that.

Suddenly, you see him or her again on another show, hear him or her on the radio, read an article where he or she is quoted in a newspaper, magazine or online publication; now you are starting to trust them more and are curious about his or her book, product or service. You think, “It looks like these people can help me to advertise book s”, so you may go to their web site and do some research. Three months later, as a book promoter you need what they have to offer, so you call or send an e-mail message requesting information.

Now, even though you are a book promoter, trying to advertise book s and the company provides services to help you promote a book, what are the chances that you would have requested information from someone you didn’t know and did not trust when it came time to make a buying decision? Probably zero!

That is the function of PR. But, how do you get on the news if the news is not interested in your book, product or service? An even better question!

I will answer your question with a question… several as a matter of fact. Let’s say you wrote a book and now you want to become a book promoter. If you are a serious author, you probably did some research for your book, right? Would you say you have some or extensive experience on the topic of your book? Would it be fair to assume that you have multiple years of experience? Would you say that because of this experience, you probably can speak on many topics knowledgeably and provide supporting information? If so, that is what we call an “expert.”

The media is always looking for experts whom they can quote, interview and/or have as guest commentators on news and talk shows. But no matter how badly you want to promote a book, if you’re not aware of what is happening on the news, how are you going to contribute? If you’re not aware of what’s happening in the news, how will you even KNOW to pitch yourself as a book promoter to a host or producer when an opportunity arises where you can be the “go to” expert on how to promote a book?

From many years of experience in the PR industry, I can attest that if you position yourself as an expert who wrote a book and not as an author or inventor or CEO, your chances for landing that media appearance to promote a book versus promoting a business or a product, increases astronomically.

So read your daily, go to your favorite news web site, create some RSS (really simple syndication) feeds by other book promoter s that will inform you about events on the news that you can speak to, and stay informed. If you want to promote a book you need to remember; knowledge is not power, APPLIED knowledge is power. Learn this valuable lesson and your efforts as a book promoter trying to advertise book s will put you in the green!


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