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Zero-In On Women

When You Want To Promote A Book You Need To Zero-In on America’s Biggest Consumers: Women!

It goes without saying that women are your best customers for your efforts to promote a book on just about anything, right? Well here’s why talk radio is the best way to reach them and to effectively promote a book on just about any subject. Clichés aside, women are simply more health conscious than men, not only when it comes to their own health and well-being but to family members, too.

Take organic foods, for example. According to an article in the Connecticut Post, women make up a whopping 75 to 90 percent of organic food shoppers. And a big motivation for that is seeing to it that the family stays fit. Obviously it you are trying to promote a book on food or recipes, then women should be your main topic.

But this health consciousness extends beyond what we eat. Food supplements, cleaning supplies even what the pet gets fed – are all decisions that come down to what a woman believes. And what a woman believes often comes down to talk radio. Thus, unconditionally in your efforts to promote a book on just about any subject, you should try to use talk radio to get your message across and to convince women of the value of the book that you want them to purchase. Women Are Big Talk Radio Listeners

Why use talk radio to lure this dynamic demographic to promote a book? Well, 46% of all talk radio listeners are female…and the number is rising.

In some radio genres, the ladies even lead. If your efforts are to promote a book on religion then the fact that with “Religious radio” 65% of their audience is female should have a huge impact on your thought process. The categories of variety, nostalgia, easy listening, and adult standard are four more that would be perfect in your efforts to promote a book to women readers. To sum up, then, women are the biggest “health” buyers…and talk radio, is your best way to reach them.

Your Friend in the Talk Radio Business and When You Want To Promote A Book; Women!

We for nearly two decades now, we’ve scheduled 50-100 talk radio interviews virtually every week and are the experts on how to promote a book via talk radio. Top radio talk shows, you see, have come to rely on us for the daily guests they need.

To oblige them, we came up with our “Top 100 Market” Talk Radio Campaign. Here are seven rewards you’ll reap from it:

  1. Each of your interviews will be on top 100 market radio shows. That means if you want to promote a book and we say we will put you on the air in Seattle, you’ll be on the air in Seattle — not some obscure “burb” 300 miles away.
  2. What’s more, some of your interviews will likely include regionally and/or nationally syndicated radio shows, too.
  3. Each and every interview is done over the phone. That means you’ll never have to leave the comfort of your home or office environment for an interview.
  4. These aren’t short 2 or 3-minute interviews, either. They range from 10 to 30 minutes, giving you plenty of time to educate the audience about your product and will maximize your efforts to promote a book about virtually any subject.
  5. You’ll have an opportunity to direct people to your Website and/or stores.
  6. Being in the business as long as we have, we know which shows will work best for your topic…and they’re the ones we strive to schedule in our efforts to promote a book or for that matter any product or service for which you want to make the public aware..
  7. Best of all — and quite unique to the PR industry and specifically to efforts to promote a book — our radio campaigns are guaranteed. In fact, that’s our slogan — “Guaranteed Media Attention.” So while most publicity firms charge a monthly retainer for services they may or may not deliver, we only get paid for what we actually do for you. If you pay for 20 radio interviews, you get 20 radio interviews. Period.

One client put it this way:

“They are the Nordstrom of publicity.”

If we are the Nordstrom of publicity it’s because, since the early 90s, we’ve been the guaranteed source of media attention our clients have so urgently needed in their efforts to promote a book to the world. Promote A Book Radio Infomercials: Like a Talk Show Interview from Heaven

This is another approach, a fresh one, for reaching women in an effort to promote a book on talk radio.

You’ve probably heard one or two before — those half-hour “talk shows” that sound like well-choreographed interviews? Well, that’s exactly what they are: professionally scripted, realistically presented — and focused — showcases for your product or service. Since they don’t seem like obvious commercials, they command a lot of listener attention. And since they come under the banner of a talk radio interview, they command a lot of credibility, too. This is extremely important when you are trying to promote a book.

Probably the most surprising thing, though, is how affordable infomercials are. They’re within reach of many corporations.

What’s more, with people like Bob Francis, our VP of Commercial Productions and creator of the TV commercial classic, “8-Minute Abs,” we’ve got the background to make your infomercial a resounding success. How did 8-Minute Abs do? It sold over $20 million dollars of product in just 18 months, won a bunch of awards, and is still selling strong on the Internet today.

So, whether you want to be a guest on leading talk radio shows, or have a scripted radio infomercial selling your products on radio stations around the country, call us. We can help you decide the best way to reach your most prolific buyers in your efforts to promote a book…women! Email us at

“Guaranteed Media Attention To Promote A Book.” Now that’s something you could really use right now, isn’t it? We look forward to hearing from you.


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